Personal Training

Weight loss, weight gain, strength, conditioning, hypertrophy, calories, cardio, compound exercises, isolation movements, ................ These concepts can sound alien to those not immersed in the fitness world. In trying to make a positive change many people make big mistakes in the pursuit of a healthier you. Personal training will help you to avoid those mistakes and empower you to reach you health and fitness goals.

At KONRADT FITNESS it is my aim to allow you to realise your full physical potential. I am passionate about health and fitness and even more about passing on that passion to others. If you have a dream, a long felt desire to be a better you. Personal Training will allow you to reach the condition you wish for.


Functional Fitness

At Konradt Fitness I pride myself on taking on those people who just want to feel better about themselves. Some peoples aspirations for their abilities start small. Better mobility and range of movement can be all someone may want. With a little weight loss and bodyweight movements you'd be surprised how much you can achieve.


Body Transformation

Some people have BIG ideas about what they want to achieve. Perhaps you want to lift heavier than your friend at the gym. Maybe you want to let your abs come through. You might want to totally refresh your physique with dietary and training changes, a completely new lifestyle. I can help you achieve your dreams.

  • You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets Arnold Swarzenegger

  • 'A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.' Laozi, Chinese Philosopher

  • 'The secret of getting ahead is getting started' Mark Twain


With over 10 years experience in personal fitness I have learnt alot about the human body and how it reacts to stimulus. With a bespoke service we can work together to achieve the goals you dream of

Body Transformation

By using a combination of High Intensity Cardio and movement under resistance it is possible to create a calorie deficit. With the addition of a healthy nutrition plan, you could be on your way to a healthier, happier you,

Strength and Conditioning

Heavy metal is the tried and true equipment if its strength you're looking to gain. With advanced set systems and exercise choices we ca get you performing your best either in competition or on stage.

Set Programmes

I offer a choice of 4 set programmes for those who want the benefits of a PT in a more specific way. My booty busting workout plan runs for 6 sessions and focuses almost entirely on Hamstrings and Glutes.

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers make the perfect gift for anyone looking to increase their fitness levels or shed the pounds. I offer 6 week set programmes or a bespoke service by hour. All vouchers come enveloped and of the highest quality. Get in touch for more details.






A bit about you......

Everyone has a fitness story. You may have been sporty at school and circumstances stopped you from continuing when you left. Some people had such a high metabolism in their youth that it becomes very difficult to control weight when it begins to slow in your mid 20s. Where ever you fall, I understand the difficulties and changes that have to be pushed through in order to attain the levels of fitness you feel comfortable with now.

A bit about me.......

I have always been sporty. I've swam, thrown shot put, and played rugby competitively at different stages of my life. But until 10 years ago I had always struggled with my weight. At my heaviest I weighed in at 120kg +. In my late teens I became determined to shed the weight and focus on becoming a healthier, lighter me. Initially I focused on portion control to reduce my calorie intake but I soon began to focus on training when my weight became more manageable. The last 10 years I have used a variety of different training techniques, some good, some bad. Whether a success or failure, all has been accumulated into a toolbox of training methods. Ultimately, this dedicated training has led me to compete in Natural Bodybuilding shows for the last 2 years.

A bit about what we can do together.....

As a qualified REPs Level 3 personal trainer I have the professional skills to guide you down the path of regaining or attaining your health and fitness. As a dedicated fitness enthusiast for the last 10 years, and having trial and error tested a vast array of techniques I know what works and what doesn't. If you want to lose weight or gain muscle mass I can design a program which will allow you to achieve your goals. If you are working through an injury I can design a program which will allow you to continue to build on your fitness with minimal detriment to the affected area. Whatever you requirements, feel free to get in touch and discuss your needs.....